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Sweet Dreams Records is the side label of Dream Crew Records.
Here, we focused on under 140 BPM Psychedelic and Groovy Music As Chill / DubPsy / Zenon / Dark Progressive / Tekno & More.
DCR, the little brother of DCR, is considered his YANG. Inevitably after a long night listening to darkpsy or the Forest, it is always nice to come back to sounds more open to the fusion of genres and social exchange.

After many SDR EPs, we decide to begin SDR Compilations with the first one By Sun Anga – VASDR01 Sweet Awakening, many thanks to him for his energy.

We let you discover our SDRs Compilations available below.

In 2020, SDR decided to sell its music directly on their website which you can by clicking and then paying via a Paypall link.
You will then receive a link to download your release directly to your email address used during the purchase, this method makes it possible to limit the costs added during the sales via other platforms and supports the label and the artists.

VA – Sweet Awakening Compiled By Sun anga


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Official Release date: 29/05/2020
Ref: VASDR01
Label: Sweet Dreams Records (Morocco)
Compiled By: Sun Anga
Produced By: Various Artist
Country: Various Country
ArtWork: Adil Benabed Psychedelic Vision (Art) & Légolize (Layout)
Master: DigitalX
Track Format: Wave 16bits/44100hz (All Platforms) – Wave 24Bits/44100hz (DCR WEBSITE & Bandcamp)
Distibution: Bandcamp, Beatspace, Beatport, Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, Juno & More…..


There is a voice calling is it in me ? or out?
am I alive? or not?
Maybe I am dreaming
and maybe it is time to wake up!

Let this musical journey walk you towards a Sweet Awakening!

A big THANK YOU to all the artists who decided to contribuite to this compilation with their fresh creations and lovely attitudes, Achille Sehne from SDR for his amazing openness, trust and beautiful positivity & to everyone/everything else.
We Are One, We Are Awakening!


01. Bosca – Lotus [120]
02. Invisible Sun – Ultraviolet [112]
03. Basikone & Gerrit – Sound Of Himalaya [113]
04. Sun Anga – Sweet Awakening [118]
05. Advanced Suite – Hypnotic Induction [120]
06. Invisible Ralf – Beams [125]
07. Gabriel Le Mar – Walking Into A Dream [128]
08. Space Mariachi & D. Tuomi – The Hanged Man [120]
09. Psydraft – Kinetic [106]
10. Sound of Snow – Ascension [100]
11. Althai – Psylogic [117]


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