Lost In The Time By Mantralien Eps


After compiling some releases and at the request of the artists, DCR decided to start promoting EPs & LPs from our artists.

Firsts were produced by our artists AbsychoLégolizeZionModularMonkey & Flexibaba, many other EPs & LPs are already ready and waiting for their release dates so stay tuned!

We would like to thanks all the artists for their contribution and their open mindness, “we dream together, not alone”.

In 2020, DCR decided to sell its music directly on their website which you can by clicking and then paying via a Paypall link.
You will then receive a link to download your release directly to your email address used during the purchase, this method makes it possible to limit the costs added during the sales via other platforms and supports the label and the artists.

EP – Late Night Conversations حادثات آخرالليل
By Kalamour

EP – Into Psyence
By Dhermo

EP – Lost In The Time
By Mantralien

EP – Getting To The River By ModularMonkey

EP – Bad Sector
By Gyn-X

EP – Shadows & Masks
By Flexibaba

LP – Another Day In The Multiverse
By Pluriverso

EP – Modular Forest
By ModularMonkey

EP – Mexica
By Zion

EP – Dance With Octopus
By Légolize

EP – Smell Like Charas
By Absycho