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EP – Shadows & Masks By Flexibaba

Bandcamp Link : https://dreamcrewrecords.bandcamp.com/album/shadows-masks
Official Release date : 14/03/2019
Ref : EPDCR05
Label : Dream Crew Records
Produced by : Flexibaba
Country : Greece
ArtWork : Sempiternal Esoterica & Légolize
Master : DigitalX

Story : 
The real name under FLEXIBABA is Ilias Georgiou, a psychedelic producer from Greece living in athens.
He is an autodidact in producing psychedelic music. His first project DARK KINE was used to diffuse hitek and acidilic stuff
New project FLEXIBABA sign with Dream Crew Records is now focused on acidilic melodic darkpsy and forest stuff between 150-165 BPM.
Music is his whole life and what he loves most after my family.
“I didn t went to school when i was young, but it s never late to learn and i am succeding that through my love for this music.
I am proud for myself, because i am the only professional gypsy in Greece specialization in this music and i hope more to come.” FLEXIBABA.

Tracklist : 
1 – Flexibaba – Sonic Forest [150]
2 – Flexibaba – Fear In Shadow [150]
3 – Flexibaba – Bhagavad Gita [155]
4 – Flexibaba – Compact Disc [165]
5 – Flexibaba – Masha [165]

Website : www.dreamcrewrecords.ma
Facebook : www.facebook.com/helmacrew/
Bandcamp : dreamcrewrecords.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud : soundcloud.com/user-633887959
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Side Label (Under 140BPM) Bandcamp :https://sweetdreamsrecords.bandcamp.com/
Side Label (Under 140BPM) Facebook : www.facebook.com/Sweet-Dreams-Records-227402737839826/

LP – Another Day On The Multiverse

Bandcamp Link : Soon
Official Release date : 1/02/2019
Ref : LPDCR01
Label : Dream Crew Records
Produced by : Pluriverso
Country : Portugal
ArtWork : Légolize
Master : DigitalX

1 – Pluriverso & Depuratus – The Mystic Zither [151]
2 – Pluriverso – Stupid Wizzards[146]
3 – Pluriverso – Ghost In A Jar [146]
4 – Pluriverso & Azzmatazz – Mushroom Stab [158]
5 – Pluriverso – 8th Dymensional Crystal [150]
6 – Pluriverso – 8 Bit Weird [145]
7 – Pluriverso & Isiteshi – Real Monsters Aren’t Real [150]
8 – Pluriverso – Just A Dream [155]
9 – Pluriverso & Mindovermatter – Twisted Perspective [155]
10 – Pluriverso – Some Kind Of Magic [156]
11 – Sanathana – Language Of The Universe (Pluriverso Remix) [158]

Story :
Another Day in the Multiverse is a way of sharing the diversity of experimental psychedelic music.
Following infinite possibilities, from infinite timelines, Pluriverso chose these 11 tracks to provide an experience of living a day, without rules or laws, with no boundaries, to experience as much as possible.
Trough many different emotions and ambiences, Pluriverso tries to show you that no matter where you are, you should always be true to yourself, be able to recognize yourself, and trough this, evolve.
Special thanks to Depuratus, Azzmatazz, Isiteshi, Mindovermatter, Sanathana, and Dream Crew Records for making this possible!

Biography :
Pluriverso is the connection between A.T.O.A.M. (Tiago Vieira) and Suirê (Marilia Nascimento).
Pluriverso is an experimental Darkpsy project started in 2016, with the aim of sharing pure psychedelic music.
Influenced by all types of music, this project is focused on psychedelia, using all tools by all means to provide a psychedelic experience to the listener!
Tiago And Marilia will release their first album “Another Day On The Multiverse” On Dream Crew Records soon !

EP – Mexica By Zion

1 – Zion – Nuscaa [150]
2 – Zion – Itzà [155]
3 – Zion Vs Légolize – Aak’ab [160]

Mexica is Zion’s new EP with Dream Crew Records,
The Mexican religion was the synthesis of ancient beliefs and traditions of the ancient Mesoamerican peoples, a complexity that implied the very existence, the creation of the universe and the situation of the human being with respect to the divine, closely linked to agriculture and agriculture. rain . The human concert had its reason of being in the divine nature and implied certain concepts, of which the Mexicans were the heirs of a Mesoamerican religious nucleus built over many centuries.
This EP is a mixture of prehispanic sounds and totally Mexican atmospheres combined with cold and dark atmospheres that give a feeling of abstraction and powerful
In Oster’s memory “you will always be in our hearts” 

EP – Modular Forest By ModularMonkey

1 – ModularMonkey – Growling Module (Modmonk) [155]
2 – ModularMonkey – Forest Medecin [155]
3 – ModularMonkey – Wilddidj [155]
4 – ModularMonkey – Surfs Up! [155]

Modular Forest is the first EP of the ModularMonkey project freshly signed on Dream Crew Records.
From the studio to the forest to the marshy deserts and to the ocean, ModularMonkey invites you to visit the modular synths and the various natural sounds that surround you.
This episode takes you through a set of psychedelic landscapes, mainly using its analog synthesizers.
Regular bass and a dark tendency will guide you with your eyes closed to the darkest musical corners.

VA – Stockholm Syndrom

Tracklist : 
1 – Leso & Digital Abstract – Bass & Treble [165]
2 – Atomental – You are beautifull [152]
3 – Dopamine – Mal’Damba [150]
4 – AchilleSehne – Stockholm Syndrom [154]
5 – Archeos – Observing [154]
6 – ModularMonkey – It Was The Other Me [150]
7 – Paracusia – Nocturnal Light [150]
8 – Kalevra – Multiversal Plan [154]

Story : 
Dream Crew are back from The summer break, and happy to present a
compilation selected by AchilleSehne titled ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.
Stockholm syndrome is a psychological phenomenon !
The Stockholm syndrome can be seen as an unconscious manifestation,
of survival: the subject concerned, by attracting the sympathy of the aggressor,
can be thought partially out of danger, even likely to influence the emotions of the aggressor with deep atmospheric to Dark effect diving into more forest dynamic frequency.
We hope that you enjoy it max And satisfy your ears !

VA – Demeter Shadow (Chapter 1)

VA – Dark Vision Of Reality

VA – 4 Year Anniversary

VA – Enough Dreams
EP – Dance With Octopus By Légolize

VA – Demeter Shadow (Chapter 1)
VA – Demeter Shadow (Chapter 2)
EP – Smell Like Charas By Absycho
VA – Waking Dreams

SDR Released Music (Under 140 BPM)

LP – Au-Delà Des Mondes By Fragrance Of Meteor

Story :
“Au-delà des mondes” is the debut studio album by electronic music producer Fragrance Of Meteor.
Electrified and organic Fragrance Of Meteor combines the organic and the synthetic to create a
microfiltered progressif beats for an experience in other dimensions.LP – Au-Delà Des Mondes
Bandcamp Link: Soon
Official Release date : 25/12/2018
Ref : LPSDR01
Label : Sweet Dreams Records (Morocco)
Produced by : Fragrance Of Meteor
Country : Morocco
ArtWork : Fragrance Of Meteor
Master : DigitalX

Artiste Biography :
Fragrance Of Meteor is Loïc Quesada’s multi-flavored musical project, electronic music composer and producer based in Casablanca, Morocco.
Fragrance Of Meteor project focused on fractured and twisted beats inelectronic music.
His musical roots started from progressif rock, blues, psychedelic music and his love for creativity in many forms.
Decompositing sounds in a form of composition is the main goal of F.O.M project.
Shall we braindance ?

Tracklists :
01 – Fragrance Of Meteor – (Intro) Le Jardin Des Fréquences [ 100bpm ]
02 – Fragrance Of Meteor – Au-Delà Des Mondes [ 130bpm ]
03 – Fragrance Of Meteor – Sun Nature And Modular [ 128bpm ]
04 – Fragrance Of Meteor – The Sound Of Light [128bpm ]
05 – Fragrance Of Meteor – In Space With Mojito [ 125bpm ]
06 – Fragrance Of Meteor – (Interlude) Glacing Diamonds [70bpm ]
07 – Fragrance Of Meteor – Libre [ 136bpm ]
08 – Fragrance Of Meteor – Jupiter Home [ 136bpm ]

Website : www.dreamcrewrecords.ma
Facebook : www.facebook.com/Sweet-Dreams-Records-227402737839826/
Bandcamp : sweetdreamsrecords.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud : soundcloud.com/user-914013209
Our Festival : www.primitif.org

EP – Lucid Dreaming By MOON

Story :
Lucid Dreaming was composed after a period of silence.
During that period, MOON was studying the science of sacred geometry in ancient cultures and its applications to visual and musical compositions.
This EP has been composed using the 432 hz as a reference for the “A” key.
This ancient tuning is recognized to be in harmony with life in general and more specifically with the living cells that compose us.
This tracklist will heal your mind and body from the imbalances caused by nowadays environment.
In this EP, MOON goes even deeper in the use of sacred sounds and prayers.
The beat is here to connect the different wisdoms from all around the world together and to imprint them in your being.
This music, is about the inner peace that lies within you.
This music, is about meditation, heart centering and wisdom.
This music, is a prayer for peace.

Artist Biography :
Charles Hary, originally from France, spent his time in his father’s piano store in his early age. He
developed a classical ear and a particular taste for tuning.
Arrived in Morocco at the age of 8, Charles started his audiovisual projects at the age of 16 : movie
making, infographics, music composition, ….
At the age of 16, he will participate to his first psytrance festival in Morocco (Rhythms of Peace 2006),
this event will mark a new beginning. He went into the production of psytrance, under the name of
MOON . Easily recognizable by the frequent use of samples of old recordings, felted in lunar sheets
and carried by deep and introspective basslines.
At the age of 19, he started studying sound engineering at ESRA in Paris. His degree in hand, he left
for Asia, another event that will influence his productions on his return.
He gradually descended the steps of the BPM, from 145 to 100 bpm today. His compositions are now
imbued with sacred music from around the world, especially from Asia and the Middle East.
Recently he paused in the composition process, and performed as a DJ in Rabat under the name of
DEEP MIND [Burning Sun] . In parallel, he took the time to study and integrate the principles of sacred
geometry to be able to apply them recently to the musical production [The Truth About Peace] .

Tracklists :
1 – Moon – The Truth About Peace [111]
2 – Moon – The Spirit of Guidance [100]
3 – Moon – The Sanctuary [116]
4 – Moon – Akashic Records [126]

EP – The Siege By Psychoz


Psychoz having been involved in the electronic music scene for over 20 years, his music draws vast varieties of sounds.

Pieces of oriental, ethno, bass, world, jungle, drum n‘ bass, dub, glitch-hop, minimal, techno and other electronic current musical output fuses these elements together to create something almost entirely new has gained him the support of Artists and DJs worldwide.

No stranger to the decks, Psychoz has performed at hundreds of events over the past few years ranging from packed clubs to festivals around the globe.

Psychoz will finally release an eclectic Dowtempo EP at Sweet Dreams Records in 2018.
The Siege mixes psychedelic, oriental and tribal sounds on new age grooves, inspired by bass music.


1 – Psychoz – Nazareth (Remix) [100]
2 – Psychoz – Agni Keli (Remix) [86]
3 – Psychoz – Spiral Galaxy (Remix) [86]
4 – Psychoz – The Siege [90]
5 – Psychoz – Up on the Downside [80]

EP – Phobia Tales By Trite


Phobia Tales is a deep experimental storytelling piece of zenonesque music, which is based on psychedelic influence.

It comes up with a huge flair of mystic combinded with some sort of new music methods and oldschool producement. 

Phobia Tales represents progressive psytrance with a deep zenonesque touch.


1 – Trite – I Came From You [128]
2 – Trite – Blinded [130]
3 – Trite – Phobia Tales [135]