Dream Crew & Sweet Dreams Records Complete Discography

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EP – Mexica By Zion

1 – Zion – Nuscaa [150]
2 – Zion – Itzà [155]
3 – Zion Vs Légolize – Aak’ab [160]

Mexica is Zion’s new EP with Dream Crew Records,
The Mexican religion was the synthesis of ancient beliefs and traditions of the ancient Mesoamerican peoples, a complexity that implied the very existence, the creation of the universe and the situation of the human being with respect to the divine, closely linked to agriculture and agriculture. rain . The human concert had its reason of being in the divine nature and implied certain concepts, of which the Mexicans were the heirs of a Mesoamerican religious nucleus built over many centuries.
This EP is a mixture of prehispanic sounds and totally Mexican atmospheres combined with cold and dark atmospheres that give a feeling of abstraction and powerful
In Oster’s memory “you will always be in our hearts” 

EP – Modular Forest By ModularMonkey

1 – ModularMonkey – Growling Module (Modmonk) [155]
2 – ModularMonkey – Forest Medecin [155]
3 – ModularMonkey – Wilddidj [155]
4 – ModularMonkey – Surfs Up! [155]

Modular Forest is the first EP of the ModularMonkey project freshly signed on Dream Crew Records.
From the studio to the forest to the marshy deserts and to the ocean, ModularMonkey invites you to visit the modular synths and the various natural sounds that surround you.
This episode takes you through a set of psychedelic landscapes, mainly using its analog synthesizers.
Regular bass and a dark tendency will guide you with your eyes closed to the darkest musical corners.

VA – Demeter Shadow (Chapter 1)

VA – Dark Vision Of Reality

VA – 4 Year Anniversary

VA – Enough Dreams
EP – Dance With Octopus By Légolize

VA – Demeter Shadow (Chapter 1)
VA – Demeter Shadow (Chapter 2)
EP – Smell Like Charas By Absycho
VA – Waking Dreams

SDR Released Music (Under 140 BPM)

EP – The Siege By Psychoz


Psychoz having been involved in the electronic music scene for over 20 years, his music draws vast varieties of sounds.

Pieces of oriental, ethno, bass, world, jungle, drum n‘ bass, dub, glitch-hop, minimal, techno and other electronic current musical output fuses these elements together to create something almost entirely new has gained him the support of Artists and DJs worldwide.

No stranger to the decks, Psychoz has performed at hundreds of events over the past few years ranging from packed clubs to festivals around the globe.

Psychoz will finally release an eclectic Dowtempo EP at Sweet Dreams Records in 2018.
The Siege mixes psychedelic, oriental and tribal sounds on new age grooves, inspired by bass music.


1 – Psychoz – Nazareth (Remix) [100]
2 – Psychoz – Agni Keli (Remix) [86]
3 – Psychoz – Spiral Galaxy (Remix) [86]
4 – Psychoz – The Siege [90]
5 – Psychoz – Up on the Downside [80]

EP – Phobia Tales By Trite


Phobia Tales is a deep experimental storytelling piece of zenonesque music, which is based on psychedelic influence.

It comes up with a huge flair of mystic combinded with some sort of new music methods and oldschool producement. 

Phobia Tales represents progressive psytrance with a deep zenonesque touch.


1 – Trite – I Came From You [128]
2 – Trite – Blinded [130]
3 – Trite – Phobia Tales [135]