VA Abyssal Mycelium Légolize Compilations


Dream Crews Records started promoting music via compilations.

First ones was compiled by Légolize & AchilleSehne, 2 artists co-founders of the label, DCR then combined other artists of the label who wished to compile their own VA such as Dopamine & Dahiama.

We let you discover the wide choice of compilations available below with a dominance of Dark & Forest sound and quite varied BPM.

In 2020, DCR decided to sell its music directly on their website which you can by clicking and then paying via a Paypall link.
You will then receive a link to download your release directly to your email address used during the purchase, this method makes it possible to limit the costs added during the sales via other platforms and supports the label and the artists.

VA – Primitif Festival Vol.1 (2019 Edition – 24Bits)

Primitif Festival philosophy aims to go back to times when Man had a simple life,
in osmosis with his peers and Mother Earth, long before our World knew the madness we live in.
Times when through Spirituality, Shamanism and deep connection with Nature,
Man was living purely and entirely the gift called Life, and our souls their body-experience.
Nowadays, such men still exist, living far from our societies and their vices.
They are called Primitives.
We hope you are ready for a complete transformation…

Track List
1 – -Z- (alpha & antagon) & Kokobloko – KokoZ [175]
2 – -Z- (alpha & antagon) – Endless [173]
3 – Astral Shampoo (légolize & dahiama) – Vamos Muchachos [170]
4 – Atrus – Blind Mind [158]
5 – Init Preset – Call Me Later [152]
6 – AchilleSehne – Primitif Ride [152]
7 – Kalamour – Chapters [150]
8 – ModularMonkey & Pluriverso – In the Bag [150]
9 – Dahiama – Reveal Your Soul [148]
10 – Ahyoka – Illusion Of The Self [142]

Official Release date : 1/12/2019
Refs : VADCR13
Label : Dream Crew Records
Poduced By : VA – Primitif Festival Line Up 2019
Compiled By : AchilleSehne
Country : Morocco
ArtWork : ModularMonkey (Picture) & Légolize (Layout)
Master : Biolab Mastering
Track Format : Wave24bits/44100hz (Bandcamp&WebSite) / Wave16bits/44100hz (Other Platforms)
Distribution : Bandcamp, Beatspace, Beatport, Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, Juno & More…..

VA – Abyssal Eyes By Légolize

VA – Voodoo Dream Chapter I By Légolize & Otkun

VA – Visionary Dreams By AchilleSehne, Mystical Voyager & Légolize

VA – Plant Medicine By Dopamine

VA – Stockholm Syndrom By AchilleSehne

VA – Abyssal Lights By Légolize

VA – Dark Vision Of Reality By Dahiama

VA – 4th Year Anniversary By AchilleSehne

VA – Enough Dreams By Légolize & AchilleSehne

VA – Demeter Shadow Chapter II By Légolize & AchilleSehne

VA – Demeter Shadow Chapter I By Légolize & AchilleSehne

VA – Enough Dreams By Légolize & AchilleSehne